Friday, 30 December 2011

Greetings from the Farm

Hello there,
I hope you have all had a wonderful time over Christmas with your families. I have been enjoying my time down on the farm with my family. Graham and my kids went home on Boxing Day and Skye and I stayed. It was very hot here the past 2 days but today is so nice. It has even rained today. I have been taking dad and mum's pups for a walk twice a day with Skye running loose enjoying the freedom. The pups have to stay on the lead as they run away and I would hate to lose them. I go down the drive to the chook pen and let out the chooks and collect the eggs in the morning and then at 7pm I go down again and shut them in. Dad has 9 chooks. I counted them twice last night and still managed to see only 7 so dad went down and sure enough there were 9 but I couldn't see them hiding somewhere on the roost. 
Here are some of the photos I have been taking. Sorry they are not of cards but lovely animals and scenery. 


 9 Chickens

Cindy and Bindy taking me for a walk. You would never think such tiny dogs could pull so hard. 

Well that is all for now. Happy New Year to you.

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