Monday, 2 August 2010


Hi there, I thought I would pop in and let you know that after going back to the Dr today I have found out that I definitely have pneumonia but as it isn't responding to the normal antibiotics they call it atypical pneumonia so I am now on even more antibiotics so hopefully in a couple of days I will be feeling so much better. Thank you for those thinking of me and praying that I get better soon. Also since I have no cards to post today I thought I would show my little guard dog. She sits on top of the lounge and looks out the window and then her little head goes up and she barks... the only problem is its the next door yard she is looking at on the angle she sits. She has been great company while I have been sick.


Juliette Chapman said...

Oh Andrea - I do hope you feel better soon. At least you know it is pneumonia and the antibiotics will help. Thinking of you. XXXX

Chriserendipity said...

Dear Andrea,
Hope you keep on being positive while you're recuperating! You create such beautiful projects that I can hardly wait until you're feeling a bit better to start stamping again. Will keep you in my prayers!
Chris in Calgary, Alberta...Canada

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

So sorry to hear you have been so unwell ... but glad that you finally have a proper diagnosis! I have had this type of pneumonia twice ... and find most winters now I am very susceptible to everything going around as a result. BUT ... GOOD NEWS ... I have had a great winter so far this winter!!! Hope you pick up soon. And so glad you have had such cuddly company!!! Take care, Andrea ... and don't push yourself to hard. This does take a huge amount out of you ... so be kind ... and don't rush back to life too quickly. Hugs Andrea xxx

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