Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Trinny and Susannah

Wow its been nearly 2 weeks since I posted anything and would you believe today I'm not showing a card but telling you about the fun day I had. I know I don't usually chat about what I'm up to but I was so excited today to go and watch Trinny and Susannah do a show at Carousel. I even got their autographs and a photo with them. it was a great show with them making over about 6 ladies who needed to change their look. I took note of one of the outfits and later while walking past Katie's found the little cardigan that I had liked and while in the shop also found the dress that they had suggested for this one lady. I had to try it on and even though its nothing like what I would normally wear I actually bought it and the little crocheted cardigan. I don't fit the dress quite perfectly yet but with a kilo or so more and a new bra it will look great. I am keeping it for a special occasion.
here are some photos I took. I was way up the back of the crowd but with a zoom and holding the camera above my head I got some good pictures. Then later they signed autographs and I got a pic with them. the one that Trinny took of us wasn't very flattering for either of us so I'll leave that one out.
Well its getting late so I had better finish for tonight and try to get back to show you some cards in the next day or so. Im not the best blogger but at least I put something on every now and then.

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Anonymous said...

Hi very sexy and Beautiful Trinny and Susannah thank you i am such a Big fan of Them. Keep your Curves Ladies thank you and best wishes

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