Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Beware of some comments on blogs

hi everyone,
I need to warn you that if ever you see a comment on someones blog that says see HERE, please do not click on it. I was told what happens but cant remember exactly, all I know is its not good like a virus or something. I have been getting these comments regularly and have been deleting them as soon as I get notification, but just incase I dont get to it, I wanted to warn you not to click on any of these comments. Its such a shame these people want to harm others.


Caroline said...

Hi there Andrea! I was getting them too! so switchied my comments to be moderated. It would take you to a link then start downloading a 'so called' virus scanner, it did this to me and all i could was close the window and immediately I ran my Nortons, nothing came up, but it is very nerve racking when something like that happens.

Anonymous said...

Me too!!
I ran Macafee but the window keeps coming up it is XP antivirus and I can not delete it Argghhhhh!!! its driving me insane

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