Saturday, 16 June 2012

Clear Grip

Hi there, 
I hope you are enjoying your weekend what ever you may be doing. 
 I just wanted to pop in to share a tip with you. A couple of weeks ago at my fundraiser I had some problems with my clear mount stamps not staying on the blocks properly. This may have been because mine weren't really clean but I thought there must be a better way. I was at the local sewing patchwork shop and saw a lady putting some Clear Grip on her patchwork ruler to stop it slipping while cutting fabric and it dawned on me that if I put this very thin static cling plastic on my blocks the stamps would cling better. I bought a roll for $10.15 and came home and covered one side of every block I own with this plastic. I did cut it a little smaller than the actual block and rounded the corners to make it neat. Anyway what a wonderful thing. 
Now all my stamps cling ALL the time and don't fall off when cleaning and also my stamps that I have unmounted from wood and used the tablecloth vinyl on also stick well and never fall off...
 As you can see by the photo you can tell the clear grip is there by the bubbly surface but that is ok, as you then stick the stamp to the right side. The roll is 31.75 x 91.4 cm so you can cover lots of blocks with a roll. I am going to cut a roll in 3 so my customers can buy enough for their blocks without having to buy a whole roll. This could also be used for unmounting your wood mounted stamps. 
well I hope this tip has helped you.
have a great day.



Jane Norrish said...

Andrea, thanks so much for this great tip. I was just about to give up with unmounted stamps as I can hardly ever get them to cling. This is the answer to my dreams. Thank you so much for sharing. Jane ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Andrea, I was just asking my demo for ideas on how to get my clear mount stamps to stop falling off the blocks :( She had heaps of ideas to try so I'll add yours to my list of things to try. TFS Cheers Donna Zammit :)

Anonymous said...

Can you let me know where you purchased the Clear Grip. I have been searching but can only find the invisi-grip. Thank you, Jane

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