Saturday, 3 April 2010

Holidaying at Horrock's

Here I am on holiday at Horrock's Beach. We are camping.... Yes that is right, camping in a tent. Im really enjoying the break away as I dont have to do anything if I dont want to. I have been really tired and in a lot of pain with my arthritis lately so this is just what I needed. Graham is looking after himself and also taking care of me if I want him to. I have read half my book since last night and that is good for me.

I thought the sign above was a good one so I took a photo of it. I hope Skye can read it....
I have put some photos up but am not used to the new format so they are not quite where I wanted them. Anyway they are of Graham and Skye. Pitching the tent. The ocean, and Skye rolling in the sea weed. Its her first time at the beach. The weather has been over cast and cool so not the best for boating. I love it as its not too hot in the tent for me.
We have a great site as it is away from any other tents. I think I could get used to camping with a few added things. I dont think I would like it in really hot weather though.
Anyway I hope you are having a happy Easter. I will show you some more cards in my next post.

1 comment:

Richelle said...

Looks like Skye is having a ball! :)
Glad ur having a relaxing time

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