Saturday, 23 January 2010

What I have Been Doing.

I suppose you are wondering why I haven't posted anything on my blog lately. Well I have a very good reason. I have rearranged my craft room and have been very busy going through all the boxes that piled up before Christmas and while I haven't been doing so well with arthritis. Anyway my good friend Lee-Anne's mum Chris kindly offered to come over and help me sort out what to do with my room to make it more organised. With a few alterations of cupboards by my wonderful husband Graham I now have 12 x 12 storage. He put shelves in a couple of my cupboards and we moved the cupboards around and put a flat screen TV on the wall so I could make a little area for the kids for a family room and still be able to have my classes etc in here. I will add a few photos of after the furniture move and while I was sorting. I am far from finished but as I had my first stamp club for the year on Thursday night and another one today I needed to at least get the table area sorted. I still have a pile of boxes still to go through and sort where to put things. I am really pleased with what I have got done and realise I have lots to go but one box at a time and it will get done.
these first 2 pictures were taken on Thursday at 1 PM and I had class that evening.

What a difference. I worked really hard and did 9,000 steps on my step counter just in the house. and the result is below. I now have a coffee station set up all the time.

This view shows the TV area with my table for class. We haven't decided how we are going to store the DVD recorder and set top box. Graham did well out of this move as he got a new bigger flat screen TV and we got the old one down here. Luckily there were huge sales on TVs last week so we got a bargain.

I wont show you my work desk and stamp storage yet as I am still working on that area.
These last photos I just quickly took to show you the shelves Graham made for me. Below is the cupboards dividing my work area from the family room. I have put all my nestabilities into CD folders and they are in the CD box I got for $3 at a garage sale, on the side of my cupboard.

These shelves are for my non SU 12 x 12 that I have collected over the years. They have yet to be sorted in to colours and labeled neatly.

This is in my 2 door pantry cupboard. I have plastic containers labeled for storage and then these shelves for all my SU designer papers. I still need to sort them. I have so many that I think I may need to use some of the other shelves as well.

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Richelle said...

Oh my!!!! You have been a very busy lady!! It looks great

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