Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Skye and her Teddy

I took Skye to visit with friends and when she got tired she went off to sleep on her teddy. Isnt she so cute....
She is also now getting very naughty. She has chewed a few of my things up and finds all sorts of things in the yard and brings them to her bed to chew. Today while I was out, she was outside and got into something smelly so I had to bath her tonight. I was warned that puppies were alot of work. She is going to obedience training every Sunday at 8.30 in the morning so I am hoping she will at least start to do as she is asked. With some help from Lyn and her cheese from lunch we taught her to drop on Tuesday.

1 comment:

Richelle said...

aww she's so cute :)
and good on u for getting up so early on Sundays!!

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