Sunday, 6 July 2008

A New Member of the Family

I have been thinking about getting a puppy for a long time now and on Friday I found her. This is Skye. She is a Maltese x Shitzu and is 7 weeks old. She only weighs a kilo. Emily named her and she is helping care for her. I am toilet training her and she is doing very well in just 2 days. I bought this pink carry bag to bring her home in and then yesterday I went out and bought her a bed. She got in it straight away and knows its her bed. She loves her toys and plays tug with the string of sausages with me. We introduced her to our cat Meeka through the glass door for a couple of days and then today they met close up and did quite well. Meeka hisses at her if she is on the floor but I am sure she will soon get used to having Skye in the house. At the moment she lives in the back room until she is properly toilet trained. As I have never had a dog before I am like a new mum. I learnt the hard way that I shouldnt be wiping up her messes with spray and wipe. She was scratching all the time and I wondered why and then figured out that she walked over the area I had cleaned up and got it on her and then she itched. I have now mopped the floor and had to give her a bath at this young age. Poor little thing shivered so much but the hairdryer had her dry in no time. She has stopped scratching so that is good.
Anyway here are the pictures. As a proud new mum I think I have taken hundreds of photos of her. I havent made a card all weekend.....

Isnt she beautiful!


New Bed

Meeting Meeka

Skye loves her string of sausages


Kathryn said...

How cute is she? Meeka does not look impressed at all! Enjoy!

Jean said...

Skye is just beautiful - you and your family will get a lot of joy out of owning her - I just love my pets!

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