Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Our fishing trip

I said I would have a different photo for you after our fishing trip on the boat on Sunday. Unfortunately it isnt of a big fish that we caught. The best I could do is of the Pelican hanging around the Jetty as we bought the boat in. For some reason Graham has yet to find where to catch fish and even with a fish finder it is not happening. There was a bit of excitement when he dropped his fishing rod overboard and decided to dive in after it so he wouldnt lose it. I thought he had fallen in. The $15 fishing rod was saved but he managed to lose his prescription sunglasses so we didnt save anything. Also the one day we forgot to take towels with us and hes wet and very cold in the breeze. We did catch 2 very small fish each and threw them back. On the way back to shore Graham caught 2 squid so he at least got some squid rings from the trip.

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