Monday, 24 May 2010

More Convention

This is me in front of the stage at Convention. As you can see the theme of Convention was inspire, create, share. The second photo is of the lovely Shelli Gardner with her husband Stirling and Graham and I. She must be the most photographed person at these conventions.
Hopefully I will have time tomorrow to let you know a little about our holiday.


Julia said...

Hiya Andrea - I would love to share my handbag template with you, just email me direct on and I will attach it to a return email. A big congrats on the $100K mark!!! wowsy!!! thats awesome!!
cheers Julia Leece

Juliana said...

Hi Andrea I took photos for you at the awards dinner of your husband dancing on the stage.
I said I would email them to you but could not remember your email address

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