Thursday, 13 May 2010

Busy Bee's

Hi, I suppose you have been wondering where I have been for the past week. The flooring company were booked for today so I have been taking everything out of my craft room. What a BIG job. Thank you to Graham and Emily for doing some of the packing while I spent Tuesday night in hospital for a sleep study and a big thank you to Judy and Barbara for coming over yesterday to help out as well. I finished off this morning and boy what a lot of craft stuff there is. I am determined to NOT put it all back as I realise that just because I may think I will use it one day, I also may not. They say clutter is stressful and as I am destressing my life this is going to be a way to help out. I just took a couple of photos of the 2 rooms we have packed everything in. Where did all that stuff fit???

the furniture has been moved to one end of the room while they lay the other and then I hope they will put everything back where I had it. What a good way to have a big clean out. If you want any of my cast off's I will have a garage sale after I get back from Convention. 
I never wanted to have the floor boards replaced because of the amount of work it would take but am I glad I did as it really smelled under the boards. It has been nearly a month since the storm so it has had plenty of time to get smelly.

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Richelle said...

Wow that would have been a big job!! Good luck with decluttering your craft space though! Its the perfect opportunity :)

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