Saturday, 2 January 2010

Changing look of Blog

Hi there. Happy New Year. I have been fiddling with the look of my blog tonight and its still not finished but as it is late I am going to have another play with it in the next couple of days. Until then it will have to stay the way it is. I hope your weekend is going ok. It sure is hot here in Perth. It would be nice to have a few cooler days but I suppose those of you that are having winter would like it to be warmer. Anyway wherever you may be, have a wonderful day.
take care


Jan Swain said...

You bet it has been hot,going to Albany Tuesday, it will be quite a abit cooler down there. LOve the change and look of your site. JAN..

Susan said...

Hot hear to, but Donnelly was lovely Love the new blog page colours. see you soon

Richelle said...

Great choice for the new blog background! :)

Anonymous said...

HI Andrea I am new to bloggin. I have never posted a commit on a blog before you are the very first. Anyway, I was introduced to your site by a pazzles owner and LOVE the cards you make. I saw your tutorial for your side step card and wondered if you have the same for the tri shutter card. They are all so beautful.

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