Thursday, 11 June 2009

Side Step Card Tutorial

I have hopefully finally written up the tutorial for this side step card. I had heaps of trouble with it and had to delete all my work as it wasn't even showing on the blog and now I'm starting all over again. Wow I really admire you ladies who write tutorials all the time and keep up with your blogs so nicely. I hope you all enjoy this one as it sure has taken heaps of time. please leave me a comment if you like it to make me feel like it has all been worth it.
well here I am still an hour and half later. I am going to try to post up to step 5 to see if that will work. you will have to be patient to get the last 5 steps.
here's hoping....

Side Step Card

Materials Required:

  • Card stock
  • bone folder
  • stampin write markers
  • sponge
  • cutter
  • stamps
  • punches
  • two-way glue pen
  • scissors
  • stampin dimensionals

Step 1

Take an A5 card and turn your cutter upside down so that you can see the cm guide on the cutting ruler. Cut from 2.5 cm to 16 cm.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Fold as shown above. If you want the main panel of the card to be on the right side just fold the opposite way.
Step 4.

Stamp background in versamark. Here I have used the oak leaf from Lovely as a Tree.

Step 5

Sponge edges and mountain folds with choc chip.


John said...

Very unique blog.
Fantastic pictures. Wow...

I like your blog.

Please visit:

Keep blogging.
Good day.

Anonymous said...

You did a great job with posting the steps. Great card.

vickiw said...

This is so neat thanks for directing us from yahoogroup. Bloggin' can be a bit tricky at first. I'll be sure and check back for my inspiration.....

Michelle said...

Well done! I'd been hearing about this on Yahoo~ Thank you so much! I am inspired to share with a group this weekend - I hope I can do it justice!

Jenny said...

Great instructions Andrea, fantastic pictures thanks so much for sharing.
Have a fantastic day

Anonymous said...

This is great thanks for sharing

margaret D. said...

Lovely card and very different will be trying to make one thanks for giving the information on how to do it. Margaret

Ruth said...

Thanks very much for taking the time and effort to make the tutorial.I've been trying to work it out and now that I see this I'm off to make one..Thanks ,Ruth x

Nathalie said...

Great card! TFS the instructions :o)

Rosy said...

wow love this format gonna try it with my class this coming weekend x

Daffodil said...

You saved me! At home flued under and just remembered its my nephew's birthday on saturday - he's 2! Going to try and make a sidestep card using your instructions, birght papers, a little edwin and a little embellishment. Thanks so much for posting the instructions : )
Daffodil x

zopeloti said...

Love your instructions! Thanks for taking the time to share them.

mrsspook said...

A great tutorial, now I have to have a go at making one of these cards, will add you blog to my favs
Thank you

Monica said...

Thank you for this card and it is in cm and not in inches
it is diffucult to make something in inches i hope that you have some other cards tutorials in cm

gr. Monica

Jill said...

For someone like me who doesn't now the size of an A5 card, what are those measurements please?

Andrea said...

A5 measurement is 14.8cm x 21 cm. Hope this helps.

mia said...

Thank you for this Tutorial!!
I love the card and hope I will have the time to make it sometime today.
Have a nice day! //mia//mixen

Juliette Chapman said...

Thank you for this tutorial. I have wanted to make one for a while and am very thankful for your measurements - you have saved me heaps of time - let alone cardstock!!!

LindaS said...

I just discovered this post. Thanks so much for these instructions - and the time it took you to make them.

Hysteri-CAL said...

Great instructions - thanks xx

Firenze said...

Hi Andrea - I just posted a link to your blog over on my blog - I used your tutorial to make a stepladder card - thanks for the clear instructions!
Helen -- Firenze Cards

Chrissie said...

Thanks for this guide...It was invaluable!

Axel....{Carol} said...

I saw this card on southern girls challenge and followed the link back here.WOW i just love this.Thanks so much for taking the time to shear by making this great tutorial...I am not much of a card maker but this has inspired me to have a go.Thanks heaps

craftycardmaker said...

Thanks so much for the tutorial. It was very helpful.

Anonymous said...

Followed your answer to a question on another blog. Can't wait to try the card. Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the instructions! I followed them yesterday and made my first side step card ever. Wasn´t hard at all and I will make more of these cards.
If you wanna see my card, look in my blog:

Have a good day

Christine said...

Thanks a lot for these instructions, greatly appreciated where inches mean nothing! Just one question please: where are the score marks between 2,5 and 8cm, and between 8 and 16 cm?

ania said...

Fantastyczny, na pewno skorzystam kiedyś - dziękuję:))

Ingrid said...

Hello Andrea,
What a lovely blog, so much beautiful things. I would like to make, tje side step car, but i mis the scoreline between the 2,5 and 8cm, and between 8 and 16 cm? I hope you've can answer my question :-)
Thanks for sharing the tutorial.
Greetins from Ingrid from Holland

talha said...

Thanks for the detailed instructions on it,i will try it.

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