Friday, 15 May 2009

Skye's 1st Birthday

My beautiful Skye

Today is Skye's 1st Birthday. We had a little party for her tonight. A couple of friends came over for dinner and then we gave Skye her cake. I know some of you think I am crazy but I had fun and Skye loved it too. her cake was a tin of dog food and I added a candle and birthday charm.


Caroline said...

WOW that year went quick!!!

Happy Birthday Skye!!

Caroline :-)

(I don't think you're crazy Andrea!I'm the same! lol)

Oh and guess what? the little word verification thingy says 'bowmack'!! haha

Richelle said...

Hi Andrea,
I agree with Caroline, that year has gone really quick!! This time last year I was pregnant with Emily, now she's almost 11mths old!
If the cake's anything to go by, it looks like Skye would have been spoilt rotten! But I'm sure she's spoilt each and every day :)

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