Monday, 2 February 2009

Skye Growing Up

Skye is now nearly 9 months old. She had her first proper Haircut last week. She is looking so grown up here. They put a bow in her hair and she looked so soft and cuddly. Her legs are so long. She now only has black at the ends of her ears but I love her so much I dont mind anymore more that she isnt my black and white dog that I bought. Anyway since Dale and Nic bought me Finley I still have a black and white dog on my bed.

here is Skye asleep on my Bed with Finley
I take her for a walk most mornings now and she loves it running along and sniffing everything she can. She is such a great little friend and follows me around and sleeps lots in between. She has found her voice but only barks occasionally. Anyway just thought I would update you on Skye.

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