Saturday, 7 February 2009


At Christmas time we bought an aquarium with some of the government economic stimulus package. It has taken awhile to get the tank ready for fish but it has finally settled to be right for more fish. I went out and bought some today. We already had 2 and I planned on getting 3 more. Of course when I got to the shop they had a special for 5 fish so I decided to get the 5 and then they offered me another fish free so I came home with 6 fish. Now we have 8 goldfish and 2 catfish. It is so relaxing watching the fish swim around.
I name my fish and Graham thinks its a bit silly (even though he named 2 of them) but I'm like that with pets. 5 have names so far and now I'm off to name the others.

Hope your day has gone well. Isn't this cooler weather really nice. Make the most of it as it sounds like there is going to be a hot week coming.

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