Friday, 19 December 2008

Our Christmas Tree

We have always had a small half tree at our place as there has never been room for a bigger one. This year I have a lovely big tree although I still only got to put half of it up as there still isnt quite enough room. Here is a picture of Skye sitting under the tree. She has been reasonably good about the decorations but has chewed 4 of them up over the past week or so. she seems to only attack the star shaped ones. She also only gets them when she is not supervised enough or bored. Oh well she is only a puppy.

I hope you all have a lovely tree to fill your homes with the feeling of Christmas. I love all the decorations. over the years I have always made some decorations and below are some of the folk art ones I painted years ago but can now have out as the tree is big enough for them. I hope you are enjoying this time coming up to Christmas and that you have a lovely time with family and friends.

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