Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Holiday news

Hi there, I thought I would surprise you and do 2 posts today. Wow what has got into me... unfortunately for you though its not card making related but for my family it is holiday news.

With only a set amount of time for going online Graham has told me to type up my blog post before going online, which of course is good advice. Yesterday the girls went to the beach and then went out with Graham on the boat but as I can’t go out in the sun and it was 40 degC I chose to go shopping. We are staying at South Yunderup so Mandurah is the closest beach and shops so I wandered around the shops in the cool. I bought myself some earrings and enjoyed just pottering. I took my book so I could sit and read as well.

Later in the evening we took the boat on the Murray River where we are staying and just cruised up the river looking at all the lovely houses on the banks. It was so peaceful. Emily and her friend Jackie have been feeding the ducks and also the huge Koi fish that are in the lake outside our apartment. As we booked very late to have this holiday the only place that had vacancies was a very expensive place but we are enjoying the chance to have a really nice place. I hope you are also having a nice week wherever you may be. Emily patting the fish after feeding it.
and below the girls feeding the ducks.
Graham and I enjoying sitting on the balcony.
Below, the unit we are staying in.

The girls helping launch the boat.

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