Friday, 17 July 2009

A BIG Fish

I have been having a lovely week of holidays. On Monday I went fishing with my husband, Graham on the boat. I haven't been out with him for a very long time, as he usually goes with his mates, but when we woke to a lovely day on Monday and found that the ocean was going to be flat I decided to go and boy was I pleased I did, as Graham caught the biggest fish he has ever caught. It was so exciting. It is a Blue Marwong or commonly known as a Queen Snapper. It is 85cm and 7.5 kg. He can hardly hold it up for the photo. I cooked it up for tea that night and it was yummy.

1 comment:

Lee-Anne said...

Way to go Graham....that is one big fish. Congrats on the catch, hope you both had a lovely time out on the boat and enjoyed your very yummy dinner

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