Saturday, 2 February 2008

My Room Is Going Up

Graham has started building the back room today. I'm so excited. I do feel bad though that he is out in 34 degree heat while I am inside with the airconditioner full blast. I keep telling him to come inside and do it when its cooler but he is keen to get as much done this weekend as he can.

There is a thunderstorm forecast for tonight which is a problem as all the tiles are off the main roof while he attaches the beams to the house.

I am cooking a big roast dinner for 10 people tonight as my sister Sue is up from Manjimup and its her birthday so I invited everyone here. Bad day for roasting but its an easy meal to do. If it wasnt so hot I would set up the tables out on the slab so I would have room for 10. It will be so nice to have more room in the house.

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Blondevitch said...

Looks great, can't wait for when I get back.

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